IoT & IIoT: Consulting, Strategy, M&A Support

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Sharing experience. Making IoT succeed.

IoT & IIoT consultancy

Get advise on how to shape your project, integrating machines with business processes using embedded software, communications, security, machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

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Business & strategy consultancy

We help you define your goto market strategy, goals, milestones, partners, marketing plan and added value of your product and company.

Tech M&A Support

We provide support to buyers and sellers to understand the market, the transaction, the software and the valuation. We join you throughout the full M&A process looking for the best operation.

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Success through innovation and experience

Working with different companies, different people and in different countries gives you experience. Dealing with different projects, different technologies and different challenges give you expertise.

IT and IoT have evolved greatly in the last couple of years, and we've been growing with them. Innovating with them and learning from the start. Applying these innovations in real projects allow us having a broad view of how to engage with success.

We've worked in mission critical projects dealing with millions of devices, and tens of big platforms to integrate.We've faced performance, quality and security issues. And we've dealt with strategy, M&A operations and product startups.

We would like to provide you with Innovation, Leadership and Excellence.



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